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New raport from Research and Markets. IPT Fiber one of the important players in the MCF market

Research and Markets, in latest report “Global Next-Generation Optical Fiber (Multicore and Hollow Core Fiber) Markets,” lists IPT Fiber among the key players in the global market. Analysts also predict huge growth in next-generation fiber optics.

Research and Markets is a leader in creating market research and economic reports. In latest report, they analyze the next-generation optical fiber market. „The global next-generation optical fiber market (multicore and hollow core fiber) is projected to reach $1,053.4 million by 2031 from $137.4 million in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 25.4% during the forecast period 2022-2031. The demand for the next-generation optical fiber is anticipated to grow with the increasing demand from end-user industries such as telecommunications, information technology, medical devices, and aerospace and defense, among others. Furthermore, it is anticipated that during the projected period (2022-2031), the increasing adoption of next-generation optical fibers in the telecommunications industry and the growing information technology products in several emerging economies, including China, India, and others, are expected to further fuel the advancement of global next-generation optical fiber market (multicore and hollow core fiber)”.

Experts conclude that the next-generation optical fiber market will grow rapidly and new optical fiber technologies will expand on data transmission and the development of advanced industry.: „The global next-generation optical fiber market (multicore and hollow core fiber) is in the growth phase. Increased investment and research and development activities are expected to boost the market. Furthermore, due to high demand from end-user industries and the rising need for high-speed and large-capacity data transmission, the growing adoption of smart electronic devices globally is expected to increase the demand for multicore and hollow core optical fibers, thereby bolstering the global next-generation optical fiber market. Moreover, the global next-generation optical fiber market is expected to benefit from the growing implementation of advanced and efficient telecommunication technologies such as 5G, which promotes market expansion.”

The report’s experts list IPT Fiber among the key MCF companies alongside such well-known companies as Corning and Sumitomo. We are pleased to be present in this group.

More information about the report can be found here