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Multicore fiber

A 7-core optical fiber for telecommunication purposes

The multicore fiber presents a new approach to transmission in optical fibers and creates a new market segment. Our next-generation fiber optic breakthrough has seven single-mode cores in each fiber, with each core acting as a separate spatial channel. This multiplies the fiber’s capacity by 7 while maintaining the industry standard of 125 µm for the overall fiber diameter. The multicore fiber communications solution addresses an existing telecom need and will provide higher profits, reduced costs and lower CAPEX for its end-users.

The performance of multicore fiber has been successfully tested and demonstrated. We are developing further designs with even larger number of cores  (up to 19).

Our mulicore fiber is designed as a complete solution ready for quick deployment and integration with existing telecom networks. Therefore IPT Fiber provides a dedicated component for quickly connecting our next generation fiber with the single core fibers deployed already – the FanOut.