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The new generation optical fibers will be produced in the Lublin region. IPT Fiber invests in Lubartów

IPT Fiber, a subsidiary of the InPhoTech group, is undertaking the construction of a highly advanced Research and Development Center in Lubartów. On Wednesday, 31st of March, the notarial deed was signed by the President of the Management Board of IPT Fiber, Tomasz Nasiłowski, together with Mr. Krzysztof Paśnik, the Mayor of the City of Lubartów.

The Research and Development Center will be located in the Lubartów Economic Zone and will be open in 2023 at the latest. It will employ between 50 to 100 people. The Center will produce specialty optical fibers on a semi-industrial scale – with annual production of optical fiber of up to 100 000 kilometers. Lubartów will hold a production line tor the flagship product, an innovative seven-core optical fiber, designed for applications in new generation telecommunications, 5G networks and the Internet of Things. “This product has already been developed in our laboratories and is widely patented around the world. Recently, we have secured another patent for this product in Japan, which is, after all, the cradle of advanced technologies. As we already have a patented technology, now we want to implement it into production and this is the main purpose of our new Research and Development Center in Lubartów” commented Tomasz Nasiłowski, CEO of IPT Fiber.

The seven-core optical fiber developed by the Polish group InPhoTech enables a sevenfold increase in data transmission compared to a standard single-core optical fiber. “Today, the widely used optical fibers have one transmission channel. Our optical fiber has seven independent channels in the same fiber. (…) Our invention is superior due to the price, bandwidth capacity and security, because unlike standard optical fibers, our product is eavesdrop proof, ”added Krzysztof Witoń, advisor to the management boards of InPhoTech and IPT Fiber.

Krzysztof Paśnik, the mayor of the City of Lubartów, was also pleased about establishing this cooperation: “Another company has decided to invest in the Lubartów Economic Zone. I am also very happy that this is a company representing a sector of new and advanced technologies. (…) We are here to introduce to you a company that I believe will be the pride of our city in the future and will contribute to its development”, stated the mayor during a press conference organized at the Lubartów City Hall.

Krzysztof Paśnik, the Mayor of the City of Lubartów and Tomasz Nasiłowski, President of the Management Board of IPT Fiber, signed a notarial deed for the sale of land intended for the construction of the Research and Development Center and later visited the investment site.

The press conference organized at the Lubartów City Hall was also attended by: Ewa Zybała, Office of the Lubartów County, Piotr Turowski, Head of the Department of Strategy, Development and External Funds of the City Hall of Lubartów, and Krzysztof Witoń, advisor to the management boards of InPhoTech and IPT Fiber. Conference participants emphasized that the Lublin region has a special place in the history of Polish optical fibers. The first Polish optical fibers were manufactured at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin in the mid-1970s, one of the first optical fiber production lines in Europe was launched in Lublin in 1979, and Lublin scientists were pioneers in conducting research on specialty optical fiber technologies in Poland.

IPT Fiber is part of the InPhoTech group and was established to implement innovative speciality optical fibers for mass production. The investment in Lubartów, with an estimated net value of 57 million PLN, of which 37.5 million PLN is being financed from EU funding, will be implemented under the project “Establishing a Research and Development Center for Optical Fiber Technologies for Industry”. The InPhoTech Group was founded in 2010 by a scientist and entrepreneur Tomasz Nasiłowski and currently has nearly 100 employees working mainly at the Research and Development Center in Ołtarzew near Warsaw but also in the Lublin branch.